Hilary Simpson has spent more than 28 years in local government and won the Information Age Public Sector Deployment of the Year Award 2015.


She is a pioneer of the ethical use of data to break down silos, ensuring that joined up information is available to help professionals choose early interventions that make a difference to people’s lives. 

The way the consultancy was conducted was different to traditional ‘Big 4‘ consultancy approaches.


Barbour Logic has now developed a new software product based on the most favorable opportunity identified from the research, and are in the process of refining it further with a group of Stakeholder Local Authorities. The research has lead directly to action.

Her years of Local Government experience mean that she was able to bring a depth of insight, listen very carefully and fully understand frontline staff as well as asking pertinent questions.


The recommendations have been of practical value to WODA - some have already been enacted - and they have been taken forward to create new ways of working at WODA.