What is the role of digital people? What do we need them to do now and in the future?

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

This is a future systems architecture for a council.

Looking at this we can next think about the tools and the skills that will be needed to run this flexible, modular, dynamic new structure.

Then we can look at how to break down the skills into different roles - and who is best placed to carry out those roles.

It is worth noting that with modern tools such as cloud, no code database builders and master data management systems, the role for traditional technical digital and IT is dramatically reduced. The role for buysiness analysts is also in question.

Service redesign can be delegated back to the professionals and the public - where it should be.

This is the fourth industrial revolution for the public sector - enabled by Artificial Intelligence.

Surprisingly it means we need fewer ‘technical people’ and far more product researchers and designers.

This chimes with my presentation for the Commonwealth parliamentarians and the Major Cities of Europe conference.

Who are these people? Do you have people that can form teams to cover all these characteristics?