Making good things happen by connecting with and connecting up energetic creative people that work in - or can help - the public sector.




Data Privacy, Public Sector Technology Procurement, Technology Ethics, Data Analytics & Governance, Master Data Management, Information Security & Sharing, Shared Services, Local Government, Supporting People Services, Technology Research, Certified Information System Security Professional, Prince2

Hilary Simpson has 20 years experience working in the public sector - both front line services, data and technology.



Hilary has pioneered linking up personal information silos - ethically and legally - to ensure connected information is available to help professionals choose early interventions that make a difference to peoples lives. This is most obvious in her delivery of the London Borough of Camden's Resident Index - which won her the Information Age Public Sector Deployment of the Year Award in 2015.


Hilary's experience in public sector innovation and shared services technology procurement, means she connects the dots - linking people from different professions, sectors, and backgrounds - believing new ideas come from intersections and hybridisation, often from unusual outliers.


She is a founding member of Sleuth Cooperative - a data and technology consultancy for technologists and data activists, constitutionally over 50% women.


She is a blogger, international public speaker and conference chair




From Local Government Television to International European conferences. Hilary is a key influencer with a fresh perspective sparking new ideas across markets.


Hilary engages audiences hosting, moderating and chairing events of all scales; from interactive seminars to global conferences.


Hilary actively engages with her audiences, providing inspiring perspectives on current market insights.


Hilary's approach is agile, constantly addressing opportunity, risk appetite, sponsorship, organisational and culture change and solution design, in the round - not a narrow technical focus. 
She brings together groups that can translate and understand diverse perspectives to bring together new insights.